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“Mr. Joseph J. Kenneff is a great lawyer and I like the work he has done for me, my family and my friends.  He will work hard for you to get what is best for you and he is very honest and truthful about the outcome in court.  When people ask me who my lawyer is I tell them Joseph Kenneff and that he is the best lawyer you could ask for to handle your business and I would give him all of my business for a very long time.  And I would like to take the time to say thank to a great lawyer for the great work you do for my family.”

TG, Lancaster, PA

“In the past few years, I’ve had to go through the painful process of divorce, custody, and a domestic relations dispute. When I was faced with the reality that I had to start the grueling process of a divorce, it was terrifying;  however, having a caring and competent attorney, Joe Kenneff, made all the difference in the world.  There is so much emotion and uncertainty involved when going thru a divorce especially when children are involved.  He is not like any other attorney I’ve ever dealt with in the past.  He actually “cares” and that is hard to come by in a lawyer.  He walked me thru all the steps and kept me updated so I wasn’t at home worrying; and if I called with any questions, he always got back to me in a timely manner.  I felt that he really had my best interests at heart and he worked very diligently to make sure that was accomplished.  There were times during the process that were time sensitive;  and even though I have a tendency to worry, I had confidence that it would get done, and he always came through.  I highly recommend Joe Kenneff as an attorney and know first hand that he is a caring, competent, and dedicated attorney.  I have to revise my “Will” and I will definitely be retaining him for those services and any other legal matters that may come up in my life.”

EG, Lebanon, PA

“I would like to thank Joe Kenneff and his staff.  They have done an outstanding job of all my legal issues, quickly and professionally. Mr. Kenneff personally makes sure all your legal issues are taken care of by giving you sound mind and results with his friendly attorney/client counseling.  I will be using Goodman & Kenneff for all my future legal needs.”

WK, Marietta, PA

“With Joe you get an honest lawyer who does his homework.  His presence demands respect in the courtroom, in a quiet way.  Honest and fair.  The best lawyer I’ve ever had represent me and the only one I would want to.”

TP, Lancaster, PA

“Joseph Kenneff hepled in saving my life from a crooked cop and a group of violent assailants. I have to thank Mr. Kenneff for helping me to overcome tremendous odds in my jury trial. He was able to show the jury that the officer and those who attacked me were lying and falsely accusing me to protect themselves. Mr. Kenneff caught them in their lies and exposed them as well as uncovering the truth. He was kind and willing to take the extra time with me to win my jury trial.”

EP, Akron, PA

“I recently turned to Joseph Kenneff when faced with my legal situation. As a client your biggest fear when faced with legal troubles revolves around not knowing what you are up against. When I contacted Joseph, he immediately made time to answer my questions and give me the details of my case. In addition to providing me with the information to put my mind at ease; Mr. Kenneff truly fought for me to ensure I received the best possible outcome in my case. I strongly believe that if I would have chosen a different attorney I wouldn’t have received the result that I did. I also would like to add that the fees that Joseph offers for his service are very generous, so you will receive a top quality lawyer for an extremely fair price.

The legal matter which Joseph assisted me with was a DUI in Lancaster, PA. This was my first DUI offense and I had no previous convictions on my criminal record. Mr. Kenneff is very knowledgable regarding the penalties and consequences of a DUI, which is what you as a client want to know immediately. It amazes me how Joe has formed so many strong relationships with police officers and Judges in the city in regards to DUI arrests. When your attorney has those relationships, it goes a long way in benefiting your case outcome, and ensuring things go smoothly.

I would strongly recommend Joseph Kenneff to anyone facing legal problems. He is extremely professional and will do everything in his power to help his clients.”

NM, Manheim, PA

“Joe has represented me for the past 3 years in two complicated and intertwining cases. Joe took the time needed to listen to me not only to understand each case and pull apart the available information to make sense of it all but he also listened to what I really wanted to get out of each case…and delivered. He brought peace back into my previously chaotic life. Joe is knowledgeable, personable, prompt, persistent, and obviously driven to provide excellent service to his clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to give his name to any one of my friends or family in need.”

ME, Mount Joy, PA