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police1Millersville, PA criminal defense attorney, Joseph J. Kenneff, understands college students, both on and off campuses, have become a frequent target of overly aggressive and illegal police searches and seizures.  Attorney Kenneff has represented countless local college students, including those that attend Millersville University and Franklin & Marshall College, who have been overcharged, illegally arrested, and searched.  These crimes are often alcohol related offenses, including underage drinking, public drunkenness and DUI’s.   These charges often carry incarceration and mandatory license suspensions.  If you, or your son or daughter, is a student at Millersville University or Franklin & Marshall College and have been charged with any crimes, contact Millersville Criminal Attorney Joseph J. Kenneff immediately.

Many college students plead guilty to charges and citations without first contacting an experienced Millersville, PA Attorney to review whether there are license suspensions and whether the charges will remain on your permanent record.  Do not jeopardize all the hard work you put into a college education and potentially damage your future, by not contacting an experienced attorney.