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The attorneys at Goodman & Kenneff do what is best for the client and not what is best for the attorney.  The attorneys at Goodman & Kenneff provide reasonable, and honest advice.  Certain situations require an experienced mediator, others require an experienced litigator.  With each individual client, each situation requires personal and unique advice tailored to that client’s situation.  The attorneys at Goodman & Kenneff pride themselves on being prepared to amicably resolve some situations, while also being prepared to aggressively litigate the others.

With more than 40 years combined experienced serving the needs of Millersville and Lancaster County residents alike, the attorneys at Goodman & Kenneff offer reasonable and practical advice in tough times.  While the main office is located in Millersville, PA the Attorneys have represented clients from throughout Lancaster County and numerous other counties.

The attorneys understand that their clients are often under a great deal of stress, and take the necessary time to fully understand your needs and explain your rights under the law. By attentively listening and understanding each detail of the case, they can apply their experience in pursuing angles that other lawyers may miss. The focus is always on determining the best strategies to develop a solid and successful case for the client.

Lancaster PA DUI Attorney

Attorney Kenneff has received specialized training in the area of DUI defense and has accumulated countless hours of instruction over the past few years. Receiving specific guidance on certain tactics such as field sobriety testing, breath testing, and blood testing, he uses that training to give his clients a specialized, detailed analysis of their Lancaster PA DUI case. Much of this training focuses on the use of the same police training manuals used by police to successfully defend against DUI charges. In addition, Attorney Kenneff remains continuously updated on the most recent DUI case law and precedent involving many Constitutional aspects DUI law, including illegal stops, searches and seizures.